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Acclaimed around China the highly anticipated restaurant Howard's Gourmet opened in Hong Kong December 2015. Strategically located in the heart of Central in CCB Tower, Howard's Gourmet overlooking the beautiful Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong Observation Wheel, and its high ceilinged dining rooms are delightfully decorated with elegant white French windows, making the restaurant the most remarkable setting for an elegant refined Chinese cuisine dining experience like no other.



Mr. Howard Cai's culinary philosophy revolves around respect for traditional flavours and ingredients.

Simplicity is the key, using fresh, seasonal, and quality ingredients. To create the "deliciousness" of his contemporary interpretation of Chinese cuisine, Mr. Cai believes in applying a scientific sensibility to cooking. By applying a systematic cooking process of meticulous deconstruction and reformation of the ingredients ensures that the essence of the natural ingredients are brought out. Each dish that results is of a consistent high standard that celebrates their natural flavours.

Mr. Howard Cai

Mr. Howard Cai, a famous gourmet, whisky connoisseur and international cuisine judge, first established his own brand "Howard's Gourmet Workshop" in Guangzhou China in 2005.

Aim to expressing a Chinese cuisine that is simple yet refined and distinctive, his culinary philosophy is "Ingredients always come first" and "Tasty is the absolute principal" as he always says.

Mr. Cai begins his culinary career via an unconventional path. As a civil servant, he sought to further his knowledge by studying overseas and then working in the chemistry industry. These experiences has led him to indulging his creativity and passion to create his own interpretation of Chinese cuisine. To pursue deeper insights of Chinese cuisine culture, he has applied his knowledge of chemistry and science on improving the cooking techniques to perfection. This insightful application on culinary management and matching of ingredients with unique cooking technique enable Mr Cai to honor with the international acclamation with his famous Howard's Gourmet experience worldwide.


Impeccable Culinary Experience

The interior concept of Howard's Gourmet is conceived and designed by Sir David Tang. White as the main color of the restaurant creates a simple elegance while the high ceiling develops a spacious atmosphere setting the scene for a wonderful culinary experience. Guests can enjoy a fine innovative Chinese cuisine while admiring the spectacular views of the bustling side of Hong Kong. The restaurant also has a bar and cigar lounge, offering a wide range of cocktails and a fine selection of cigars.

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